AccPet for grooming parlours, boarding kennels & catteries

Software programs for boarding catteries

 1. Parlour Appointments

– Different appointment sheets for different areas
– Appointment sheets according to type eg collections, deliveries
– Quick transactions – from appointment to billing the client
– View client info from appointment sheet
– Set up pre-defined instructions for appointments
– View appointments for the day, week, month etc
– Repeat the same appointment weekly, monthly or any amount of time

 2. Kennel / Cattery Bookings

– Group kennels into sections
– Bookings for more than one animal per kennel
– Special instructions for pet’s unique needs eg medication
– Calculate the number of days stay
– Calculate the amount due according to seasonal rates
– View occupation for the whole year
– View bookings per section
– View bookings for all kennels and all sections

 3. Clients

– Professionally designed tax invoices, receipts   and statements with your own business logo
– Payments deposited to a bank account of your choice
– Age analysis
– Add interest and administration fees on   overdue accounts
– Search clients by surname, first name, cellphone number,  pet name, breed, street address or account number
– History of client account notes

 4. Pets

– Find owner by pet name, breed or street address
– List pets to receive reminders
– Breed list
– History of pet account notes

 5. SMS’s

– Send SMS’s to remind clients of appointments
– Send SMS’s to remind clients of bookings
– Send SMS’s to let clients know how their pets are doing
– Send SMS’s for outstanding balances
– SMS’s is personalised to include client and pet names

 6. Suppliers

– Transactions for stock purchases
– Linked with stock control system
– Payments withdrawn from a bank account of your choice
– History of supplier account notes

 7. Creditors

– Transactions for expenses eg petrol, electricity   and telephone accounts
– Payments withdrawn from a bank account of your choice
– History of creditor account notes

 8. Employees

– Print salary advice
– Wage, Contract, Commission, Overtime, Loan,  Pay back of Loans, Travel, UIF, LBS, Travel Costs
– Payments linked to a bank account of your choice
– Record sick and holiday leave

 9. Tax & Levies

– Income Tax, VAT, LBS, UIF and SDL
– Compensation Commissioner
– City of Tshwane

 10. Business Members

– Member Contributions
– Salary, Profit Share, LBS, Travel Costs
– Payments linked to a bank account of  your choice
– History of Business Member account notes

 11. Other Income

– Eg commission received for a referral or space rented out
– Payments linked to a bank account of your choice
– History of Other Income account notes

 12. Assets

– Fixed Assets, Investments, Dividends, Interest Received
– Depreciation, Accumulated Depreciation, Book Value
– Payments linked to a bank account of your choice
– History of asset account notes

 13. Loans

– Instalments, Interest Paid, Administration Fees
– Payments linked to a bank account of your choice
– History of loan account notes

 14. Bank

– Deposits, Withdrawals, Bank Costs,   Interest Received, Interest Paid
– All other account payments linked to a bank account
– Bank Statements
– Up to date bank balances
– History of bank account notes

 15. Stock & Inventories

– Updated current quantities
– Replenish stock
– Different stock inventories for different stock locations
– Stock Trail
– History of inventory account notes

 16. Statements

– Age accounts
– Balance brought forward
– Calculate interest & administration fees
– Different messages for each account age group
– Advertisements on invoices & statements
– Different colours & fonts for messages
– Print own business logo on invoices & statements

 17. Security

– Different security levels for different users
– Sensitive information will be excluded in reports
– Certain users have no access to certain features

 18. Reports

– Time period for each report
– Payments Received
– Payments Made
– Cash Flow Profit
– Business Summary
– Output VAT
– Input VAT
– VAT Summary
– Audit Trail
– Age Analysis
– Stock Sales
– Service Sales
– Account Notes
– Pet Notes
– List pets for reminders