If you do not have a price list in place already, it is advisable to do so now. I recommend firstly to put pen to paper and make a decent list. Then you can sort your price list items into groups (categories). So that when you print a detailed service sales list all the items will be listed underneath its linked category. This list will also give a category amount total and will help you to see where your strong income points are.

How to add catagories:


Click on ITEMS on the main menu
Click on ADD
Fill in the name of the category,
continue until you added all the categories

Now you can add your price list:

Click on ITEMS on the main menu
Click on ADD
Fill in the name of the service in English and a second language.
(Remember you can choose while adding a client if he/she gets their invoice in English or the second language.)
Click on the CATEGORY drop down list and select the category to be linked to the service item.

The input price can be with or without VAT, check or uncheck the Vat Inclusive check box.
If you want to round off the selling price or use a different price than the calculated price, fill it in
the FIXED PRICE field. This price will override the selling price and will be the price charged on the client’s invoice.
Continue adding all your price list items.

To print your price list, click on PRINT on top of the form.
Now you can make sure that every item is added and the selling price is correct.

PS: The same principle counts for all your other price list items eg Stock, Expenses and the rest on the ITEMS dropdown list on the main menu.