Click on CLIENTS on the main menu
Select the CLIENT

Click on PETS on the main menu


Click on the ADD button
(Every client can have one to many pets linked to them.)


Add the pet’s name

Choose a breed from the drop down list
(There can be more breeds added to this list.)

Only mark the INCATIVE box when the pet is deceased

Enter the date of birth

Enter a description that is distinctive to this animal

Choose the sex of the animal:
Male, if it not fixed
Female, if not fixed
Neutered, fixed male dog
Spayed, fixed female dog

Add the dates of all the vaccinations eg Annual (4 in 1), Rabies and Kennel Cough for dogs  or Snuffels for cats.

These vaccinations are valid for a year and AccPet will warn you if one of them is out of date when you add an appointment or a booking.